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    hello all

    My name is Anna and I am a christian women who would like to know about Islam. I hope that my joining this site does not offend anyone however I did not know how else to find any answers. I was born in Australia to a family who were non practising catholics, when I went to university I met and married a man from a strongly christian background and gave myself to this belief. I have now been married for 5 years and have since been to a number of muslim countries. Upon returning I have an overwhelming urge to cover however I am unsure about islam especially considering my husbands beliefs. Do muslim women think that non muslim women should cover as well or is this something that they would find offensive. I would like to cover as it makes me feel modest and protected but firstly all my friends will think I am weird and secondly I don't want to offend. anyway will leave it here and see if anyone responds. If you wish me to leave the site let me know.

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    To be tottaly correct the kuran says to cover up your private parts(men and woman)and to wear loosefitting clothes also for men and woman,for women specific it says to cover your"jewels"(breasts)so they wont show when a women stamps the earth with her feet(dancing).Iam from morroco,to be more specific berberdescendent and in our villages women never have covered there faces,my grandmother wears a scarf,but i think that was more for practical reasons.I often read that it is to get respect from men,but schould men not always respect women(they all hade a mother,and muhamed said to respect mothers the most)and should they not have more selfcontrol.?to many muslimmen forget that the prophet himself was very emancipated,he even helped in the household,he washed his own clothes,milked the goats and so on,his first wife was a busnisswoman,and the second one leader of a political movement,he gave women a lot of rights.

    further the bible was not written in english but in arameens,translated to greek,latin andso on.And yes there are a lot of different bibletranslations and a lot of gnostic readings like the nag hammadi text,but there are also a lot of different interpretatons on the kuran to.I encourage you to study the kuran and other sacred books,you soon notice that the basic message is the same.There is one God,but there are a lot of roads towards him,or as jesus/issa said my fathers house has many rooms.If you feel better when you are covered up then do so.One thing i like about islam is that everyone has a direct connection to God/Allah,so its all between you and Him,

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    salaam alykum all,
    hello anne,welcome our respected guest.
    There are many relations with christianity, judaism and islam. As muslims we believe that abraham, moses, jesus and mohammed(pbuh)were all prophets and messengers of all All-mighty God. The thing is, abrham,moses and jesus came to a people-to sort their misguidence whereas mohammed (pbuh) came to the whole world to reveal the final message which is the koran. As muslims we believe in the Torah and the Gospel as they were in moses and jesus time because those were sent down too but have been lost and changed over time. And those that followed, abraham, moses and jesus in their time and followed their scriptures were belivers. As people started to go astray after jesus ALL-MIGHTY GOD revalved his last revelation to his last messenger through the angle gabriel. so as it is the final message we should follow it and it is the only scripture that has been recored memorized and kept in the last 1400-1500 hundred years.
    In the koran their is recored the mircle birth of jesus, the birth of his mother.
    Hope that has given you a little taster.
    Try and find out more ON WEBSITES or approach a muslim or ask someone at the mosque, im sure they would love to help.
    and ISLAM is a way of life for me personally and the modesty of the hijab is my guidence and dignity.

    May all-mighty god guide you on the straight path. ameen.
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    Hi Anna

    Firstly, do not worry about bothering me with questions. It is my pleasure to be able to help in any way i can with regards to info about Islam.

    I am no expert myself for i am a revert and am still learning and seeking more knowledge. Your questions are also a means for me to check on my own knowledge and understanding... to share what i know.... and to search the answers for those that i do not yet know.

    There are many debates on the authenticy of the present Bible. Likewise there are many proofs and explanations of the authenticity of the Quran, but it would take up much space to list them all out.

    I have read tonnes of books as one book does not suffice to gather all the necessary info. However i regret that for the moment, offhand, i cannot recall the exact titles.

    I could suggest you search the websites where you could also get valuable info, like perhaps the website of Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Steven, the singer) who reverted and now devout much time to make Islam known in the UK. Another good place is the website by Yusuf Estes who was formerly a christian preacher and who is aggressively creating awareness of islam in the U.S. and around. His website enables interactive discussions so you may pose your questions as well.

    There are of course many other websites to gather info but i feel you would relate better to these 2 websites because Yusuf Islam and Yusuf Estes were former christians and they have done much research to be able to provide factual accounts for comparison between Christianity & Islam.

    Hope the above info helps.

    Also, thank you for your kind wishes...insyaallah (Allah willing) my ramadan incurs His acceptance and pleasures and that He would graciously forgive my weakness...

    Peace be with you too,
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    Thankyou for replying, I find your reply very interesting. Firstly with the fact that english is not the original language of the bible -- I understand this but I was of the understanding that the scientific world has knowledge on what ancient hebrew and greek means so therefore translation is not a big problem, and seeing as we have a hold of ancient texts then that would rule out mis printing over time. I hope this doesn't sound argumentative as I am not trying to be, but also in terms of the Quran you say it was memorized -- firstly I know this is the way things were done for many books (including the bible) in the past however I was wondering whether there is worry over authenticity? Perhaps you could point me in the direction of a person I could speak to or book I could read so I don't keeop bothering you

    Anyway secondly to my question on about the thing I had read in a book about making war with non-muslims -- firstly I understand the reasoning that people should come to islam without force, however how does that apply to people who have never heard of islam or who have been brought up in a christian family where they may be taught different/ incorrect things about islam. How do these people find out about the right path. Also thankyou for the quote from the quran -- but could you clarify for me then what in the quran does talk about war, in particular what I think is probably a miss-represented term thanks to the media - the concept of jihad? anyway thankyou and I hope you are having a good ramadan (if this is what you say)


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    Translation of Surah Kafirun (Surah 109 from the Quran)

    1. Say: O ye
    That reject Faith!

    2. I worship not that
    Which you worship,

    3. Nor will ye worship
    That which I worship

    4. And I will not worship
    That which ye have been
    Wont to worship,

    5. Nor will ye worship
    That which I worship,

    6. To you be your Way,
    And to me, mine.

    Dear Anna, this is a verse from the Quran that shows the awareness of unbelievers. This is not a teaching to make war against unbelievers.

    Likewise, we should not be prevented from practising our Faith.

    warm regards
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    Regarding your other question: **I have read that Islam teaches that a devout muslim should make war against non-believers? Is this true, do muslims have to make war against unbelievers. And if so then do muslims try to convert non-believers first as I have never met a muslim preacher on the side of the street as you sometimes see christians doing***

    1) NO, Islam does not teach devout muslim to make war against unbelievers. But Islam teaches us to **combat them if they combat you (muslims) *** It is purely as self defence to fight agression and persecutions but not to initiate unfounded wars

    2) You don't see muslim in the streets appoaching people for conversion because we are taught that there should not be any force or compulsion in Islam. A person who wishes to accept Islam should do it on his or her own free will and should accept Islam completely.

    Many a time the eagerness of muslims to encourage non muslims to accept Islam may seem forceful, but this is purely a tendency in practice, like in marriage. But ultimately, we cannot put a knife at the person's throat to demand he or she becomes a muslim.

    I wish to add that it would be wise to judge Islam on the beauty and purity of its teachings rather than on the behaviours of some muslims, as we are after all human...and humans are capable of weaknesses and errors and may give wrong impressions of the actual teachings of Islam.

    Please feel free to pose other questions that you may have...I am sure there are many brothers and sisters here who would be pleased to assist in any way they can...

    May you be rewarded for your search for the Truth.
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    Dear Anna

    Firstly i must commend on your genuine interest in finding out about Islam. We could see that you are really posing questions rather that accusations...

    Regarding your question: ***I have read that muslims believe that the bible has been changed over time however I have been shown proof that this is not the case***

    1) Muslim believe in the Origianl Teachings of the Bible. That is why all the teachings of the previous prophets, Abraham, Moses, Solomon and even Jesus are revered. Hoewever the Bible you have in hand today is not in the Original Language of the Bible. There was no English language until the year 1066 AD when the Normans invaded the Saxxons. Therefore the English Bible cannot be anything like what any of the prophets spoke or understood, as it did not exist in their times

    2) The Quran exists in its Original Language it was revealed and memorised by thousands in this original language. Translations of the Quran in other languages is not considerd as the Word of God but merely for understanding. Muslims are encouraged to learn the arabic language. That is why when we pray, the prayers are recited in arabic. There are muslims around the world like in china or japan that may not be able to speak much english, but all will pray in arabic....

    3) There are different versions of the Bible with omissions, deletions, changes, missing books (Compare Catholic Bible [73 books] to Protestant Bible [66 books]) that is why we believe the bible has been changed over time....
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    Hi there! my name is Anna and I've just seen ur responce to another Anna about understanding Islam and why do u have to cover ur bodies.Im in fact interesting in convert to muslim and I would like to ask u for some help if u dont mind.Hope we will b in touch.
    Best Regards Anna
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    Salaam Anna
    I hope you are still able to read my reply to your very interesting question.
    The Hijab (islamic dress) is a very important aspect of a muslim woman's life. As I believe it, there are 2 forms of Hijab: 1. the external Hijab, this is the dress code. Modest clothing, not revealing any aspect of your figure and covering your head: and 2. the internal Hijab, this is the whole attitude and way of behaving that goes with the dress code.

    The reasons for the Hijab is to protect women and men from the Shaytan (satan) evil which would enter a man's heart/mind on seeing a beautiful woman walking down the street for example.

    There is literature available that you could read to make you understand the hijab.

    As for your question sister, as to would I as a muslim woman mind you wearing the scarf or dressing more modestly. All I can say is that there should be more women in this world who thought like you do.. and for this may Almightly Allah reward you. *

    In answer to your second question:
    Islam is the only faith which gives reference to the other faiths.

    I am not a scholar but I believe that it is because of the second testament of the bible that raises questions about Christianity. I
    feel that you should read both the bible and the Meaning of the Qur'an, and you will be able to gain in depth knowledge of Islam.

    I know that there has been a lot of adverse media regarding. However, let me reassure you that Islam is very peaceful and gentle. It is probably the most disciplined.
    No, I would say that Muslims are taught not to make war against any of the Almighty's creation. And Yes non muslims are given the opportunity to convert to Islam.

    In conclusion Anna, I think you would benefit greatly from reading the Qur'an firstly and other books regarding Islam. Which I will help you make your mind up about the faith you wish to follow.
    May you be guided to the right path.
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    Dear all

    Thankyou very much for responding, I really do appreciate your words. I have some questions further about Islam as a religion if you don't mind me asking. I have felt very drawn to Islam but being a Christian I feel torn. firstly I have read that muslims believe that the bible has been changed over time however I have been shown proof that this is not the case. My christian friends point to the dead sea scrolls which are manuscipts from a time very close to the writing of the bible as well as to text from other non-christian manuscripts that talk about the historical facts listed in the bible. Secondly I have read that Islam teaches that a devout muslim should make war against non-believers? Is this true, do muslims have to make war against unbelievers. And if so then do muslims try to convert non-believers first as I have never met a muslim preacher on the side of the street as you sometimes see christians doing. Anyway I am very interested in finding out about islam. Thankyou Anna
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    Hello Anna,

    fistly, nobody wishs you to leave the web site, at least me. as a muslim girl, your existence doesn't disturb me.

    secondly, we wear scarf because Allah wants us to wear it, as Allah says it in Kuran. In Kuran, it is said exactly that we must wear it near all men except our fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, nephews and small boys. So I wear it near men with whom there is the possibility that I can marry him both physically and emotionally. I don't wear it near men that I can't marry. Thus its aim is, we can say, to promote marriage and to protect woman. Because, if a woman hides her beauty, then men would like to marry with her to be closed to her and to see her more. As we do: After marriage we don't wear scarf near our husband. Wearing scarf outside, makes men a bit far away from us; they behave us more respectfully and kindly.
    If you want to cover, its your choice you can cover. But Allah wants this from Muslim women, not others. I mean, it doesn't bother you. Eventhoug you want to cover, then cover. how you want.
    May be the best is firstly to convert to Muslim, then cover. So, it would be more meaningful.