looking for muslim friends Sisters looking for Sisters to talk too, not marriage

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    Salaam alikom


    I am an English muslim. I have been a Muslim for abt 8yrs but still don't know so much about it. I have no muslim friends so can't talk or get any information from people. Iv searched the Internet but it can be very misleadin. I am not interested in talking to men so any muslimahs that wish to talk to me please do. It does not have to b about islam would just like some muslim friends with the same values as me. I don't drink or do drugs and I don't wear makeup or tight clothes. I'm not interested in going to clubs or anything like that. 



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    Dear Sister ../../../user_details?user=aishalazem" target="_blank,


    Please give me your email details, as i am a sister.


    Kind Regards,


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    Aslamo Alaikum May be we can talk :)

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    Dear Sister,


    I am not Englsih but speak English (I live in France). I am a practising muslim and would be delighted to discuss with you. All the best.