Any advice on to catch breath win running race Sports and travel

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    Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,
    Thanks and nice to meet you that you're a very good person in the muslim. I'd like to be share with you about islam if you write to me

    I just want to be a Muslim brother.

    Thanks & Regards

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    I might be able to help you better if I know the following.

    How many times weekly do you run ?
    What's the distance ( miles ) ?
    Are you consistent with it ?
    Any shin splits ?
    Is this your first race ?

    Talk to you soon.
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    salaam sister,...u know i was reading ur messages n was quiet shocked about iur not a gold meber so if u want n get this message then do mail me...i think that u have a strong personality...n belive it or not im going through excatly the same as urself...i was really unsure how to handle the situation with my husbad until i came across a website which set it also a ba islamic i have been doing a lot of research with womens rights and was really quiet shocked with what i had found out...anyway the address ia above its all one word by the way so if u get the time plz dont hesistate to contact..imsure well make gr8 friends...

    wa salaam
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    Assalamu ALAIKUM
    In Oder to Maximize Your Running Effectiveness, You Simply Must Understand The Proper Way to Breathe While Running. These Exercises Give You That Edge!Believe it or not, there is a right way to breathe while you run, and that is to coordinate your breathing with your running.You MUST learn how to determine the best way, to take rest days while training for fitness running also.
    1. Form this breathing pattern by taking one full breath for every eight steps (inhale four steps/exhale four steps).
    2. Begin to breathe in as your left foot strikes the ground for the first time.

    3. Continue to inhale for two full strides of each leg (four steps) ' your right foot lands, then left, then right again.

    4. Exhale the next time your left foot hits the ground.

    5. Continue to breathe out for two full strides of each leg (four steps) ' your right foot lands, then left, then right again.

    6. Repeat the pattern and continue running.

    hope this help I USED TO RUN MARATHONS.

    Was Salaam
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    Asalamu alaikum, Hello My sister, let me do some correction on you greeting salam and welcome the greetting,

    to give salam the correct way is:"Asalamu alaikum" and the correct way of accepting salam are,"Wa alaikum salam". hope you understand it n hope you Iman(faith) will be stronger n stronger in the future. Insya allah. amiin