is false political assylum acceptable in islam Sports and travel

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    people come from all over the world to seek shelter in western countries on false political asylum...they marry young non Muslim /or Muslim girls abuse them gain the passport then tell them that they were not worth it in the beginning....they then divorce the women saying that shes not a good wife...then go on and marry someone who will stay in there country of or gin n then they enjoy the high life...

    Islam as far as i know it does not accept false political asylum because the holy prophet does not accept lies...were are told to be true in contract..IE when attain citizenship in any country...but people abuse it...why do People abuse it knowing perfectly well that it is illegal in Islam to not only use someones daughter n then divorce her but also to give lies to the government!.
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    thanks brother ahmed,

    a few days ago i was speaking to a distant family relative, god knows how the converstaion erupted into guys from pakistan living abroad, she just happen to say well what can pakistanis do they want to get settled in western countries so the only way is to marry a western girl, honestly i felt sick with rage, i really cannot understand why people in the third world countries have no respect for western women, they think that we are cheap and that we would do anything that they ask us to do, they pul all the right strings, as soon as they got you....WHAM! they then use you.

    i defiantley understand brother that this happens in all cultures, i do know that, what i cannot undretsnad is the fact that these ppls families think that this is ok for their sons to go ahead and use women for their own pathetic needs...and to think how much they have paid to get in to the country is a quetsion itself!!!!...why cant they work in their own country with all that money?

    ppl say that their poor but are they really poor. in my eyes poor is someone who barely has enough to eat or one or no change of clothing...others is that they are not as well off as their relatives so they go to great lenghts.