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My perfect match on MuslimFriends
My wife and I met on your site in early March 2006, we discovered we both were a little hesitant about signing up on a site like this. It wasn't that neither of us couldn't find a mate where we (we are both from the United States but an 8 hour drive away) lived it's just we couldn't find the right mate for us. I came across her profile and it sounded interesting and I forced myself to contact her, it was a while before she responded back so I thought she wasn't interested, then finally I got a response from her and it took off from there. Later that month arrangements were made for us to meet and have a sit down and we both were pleased with each other and married after taking all the necessary steps to do so. My wife moved from her home town to mine a couple of weeks later but earlier than we had planned, I just couldn't stand the fact she was to far away for me to see her, all I could do was talk to her on the phone. Well, to sum it up she moved here and now we have a happy home together and I love her for the sake of Allah and then myself. It was a chance worth taking!