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What are considered the best wedding dress fabrics for the mature bride to wear?  #Dating
What are considered the best wedding dress fabrics for the mature bride to wear?
The mature bride is looking for something carefree. The best "fuss free" wedding dress fabrics are those that have a soft hand and will not wrinkle easily.
Wrinkles in a gown show up prominently in wedding pictures. I don't have to tell you how much that detracts from a bride.
Bridal fabrics such as satin, chiffon, georgette, crepes, crepe back satins, poly silk blends and any soft draping fabrics will be best. You will be wrinkle free if you choose one of these fabrics in a polyester fiber.
For the mature bride natural fibers such as silks, linens and cottons may be more comfortable to wear because they allow air to circulate. This is important if you are warm-natured.
The only thing about wearing natural fiber fabrics is that they wrinkle very easily. I have though come across silks that resist wrinkling. Higher grade silks do not wrinkle very much.
That's why you will want a "natural fiber and a blend of polyester" together to lessen the wrinkle factor. The fabric will still be somewhat breathable. And although it won't eliminate all wrinkles, it will at least lessen them.
Empire waist wedding dresses hide the mid section and tummy areas
Strapless wedding dress with a jacket covers the back and arm areas
A-line wedding gowns are flattering to all figure types the higher the a-line flare starts the more coverage your figure will get below that point. For more on this subject go to the section on this site to learn more about the figure flattering a-line wedding dress.
Princess line gown---an a-line dress with princess seaming. The vertical lines are figure flattering.
Mature brides over 50 and 60 want modest wedding dresses with higher necklines and that have sleeves.
Some older brides who want a sassy, sensual look, feel that off the shoulder wedding dresses are more age appropriate than strapless wedding dresses.
Make sure your bridal dress is slightly loose in areas you don't want to call attention to like a thick waist, protruding tummy or if you are pear shaped your hips and/or thighs.
These styles have worked out well for many mature brides. Try on a few to see which one will look best on you and suit your personal style.
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